Our Motto is “Unity in Diversity” which we achieve by Uniting Cultural Diversity in the area of benefit – Devon, Cornwall and the Surrounding Areas.

The South Asian Society was founded in the year 2003 and registered as a Charity on 18th August 2005.

The main aim of the society is to create a cultural, social and mutual support network not only for Devon and Cornwall’s increasingly large South Asian community, but also for everyone interested in the culture of the countries in the South Asian region.

South Asian Society has a wide membership base of people who are drawn from countries in South Asia which include India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Maldives and Bhutan. It also welcomes other people from the area of benefit who are interested in the South Asian culture.

Any organisation interested in furthering the work of the Society will be admitted as an Associate Member as per the Constitution.

We regularly conduct multicultural events and activities to celebrate festivals and to teach our younger generation a little bit about their origin’s cultural flavour, and at the same time, provide the opportunity for people of other cultural backgrounds to taste the South Asian ambience.

Our website will feature updates and information about our latest activities, forthcoming events and items of interest.