Trustee Board Update 2023

This year we are delighted to welcome Dr. Vikram Sharma as an Associate Trustee. He is a Associate Professor at the University of Plymouth and an active member of the community who is keen to help progress the organisation as a value-based unit promoting further cohesion among communities through cultural exchanges.

Dr. Amit Dhulkotia has now completed one year and is now full trustee of the Society. 

Following the AGM, in our first trustee meeting, the following changes to office bearers were agreed 

Chairperson – Dr. Girish Venkatarayappa (Dr. Girish Venkat)
Secretary – Mr. Abhijit Ghatge
Treasurer – Mr. Raja Srinivasan 

Dr. Arunangsu Chatterjee & Dr. Smita Tripathi completed their 3-year tenure as chairperson and secretary respectively and will continue as a trustee. The entire team wholeheartedly thanked Dr. Chatterjee & Dr. Tripathi for their tireless efforts in the last 3 years to ensure that we continue and scale our contribution and impact as a society. Both have successfully raised the profile of the society and we have been recognised through a number of channels .