Basic Life Support Training

The basic life support training organised by our trustees was well received by our members. Over 50 participants benefitted from the session and we will look to run this again later in the year. Special thanks for Pete and Barry who were supported by Girish and Amit to deliver the session. Special thanks to the Peninsula Medical School who were our integral partners across number of projects and kindly offered the venue for the session. Overall a great community event and effort.

Basic Life Support Training

We shared our intent to run a BLS course in Autumn 2021. Our Trustees Dr Amit Dhulkotia and Dr Girish Ventak have now planned a session for members. We are looking to run the session on the 15th of May morning as per the availability of the trainer. The session will last for a max of 2 hours. 

BLS refers to the basic first aid procedures that can be used to keep someone alive until the emergency medical services can get to the scene. The most important skills are chest compressions to pump blood around the body, and rescue breaths to provide oxygen. 

We feel this is an important skill that everyone should be aware of. Members of the Clinical community receive regular BLS training. We strongly encourage our younger and non-clinical members of the community to utilise this opportunity. The course will be offered face to face and will have limited spaces available. 

Register by 11th May